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Today’s prospective property buyers or renters are no longer interested in traveling to countless locations in order to make a decision on which property they wish to buy or rent. This means that the days of 2D images on a website or brochure are a thing of the past. Customers want to go online to view protective properties and short list one or two to view.


Immersive 3D Solution’s Ocuaris enables the prospective buyer or renter to virtually walkthrough potential properties before ever setting foot in the actual property itself. Ocuaris call this an Immersive or Virtual Tour.


Your customers will show up already prepared to engage in real discussions regarding their selected properties. Once they’ve actually viewed the property chances are they’re ready to sign. What this means to the Sales Agent is less time taking prospective clients to properties which disappoint them and begin to build negatives which is the last thing any Sales Agent wants.


Finally Ocuaris is a very green solution reducing your and your clients Carbon Contribution as well as letting you, the Sales Agent concentrate on what you do best SALES.  

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