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What is Locationshub PR3D


With PR3D, Filmmakers can scout a location online and determine that it's right for production.



Until now, the film location selection process has been based heavily on a 2D model: a series of still photos. Productions rely on a collection of photos of a location to make the determination about whether that location is suitable for the production. If they believe it might be, they will typically have to visit the location themselves or hire a scout (or both) to make the final decision. 


Even if a video of a location exists, it typically does not do the location justice. A video is often seen in a negative light because the director and/or producer does not want to be influenced by someone else’s view of that location, nor of how someone else has decided to hold the camera.


Consequently, filmmakers, producers, set designers, art departments, and location scouts must rely heavily on time-consuming, on-site physical and technical inspections of the locations they are considering as well as of the locations that have already been selected. 


Reel-Scout’s “Production-Ready” 3D models are changing all that. Our PR3D models let viewers visit the space from almost every location angle possible. From wherever they are, viewers will feel as if they're at the location itself without having to leave the comfort of their own office or home. The models are online and can be viewed on any computer, mobile phone, or tablet. It's even possible to plan basic filming logistics just by viewing the PR3D models. Immersive 3D Solutions is proud to be Locationshub agent here in the Europe. Below are just a few of the locations which Immersive has shot for inclusion in Locationshub PR3D website. Some of these locations have appeared in recent features films or TV productions.

Select a Production Ready 3D Location to View

Danson House


Baytree House, Oxfordshire

White Ground Skate Park


Peckham Luberal Club

London Office Space

Bookshop, Oxfordshire

MASH, Oxfordshire

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