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Immersive 3D Solutions works exclusively in the Entertainment Industry producing Behind-the-Scenes (BTS) immersive 360 productions of virtual tours of your sets and locations for PR or fans so they can experience first-hand the excitement of virtually being on location and walking though the productions magnificent locations and sets. Immersive produces virtual tours in standard 360 as well as VR and AR using the latest in technology. At the Director or Producers discretion the production can also include 360 and 180 videos which can included stand-ups of the principals discussing the sets or scenes. Immersive allows any prospective viewer to become fully engage in a high resolution interactive tour of any location or set. The viewer controls all movement throughout their journey.

All productions are kept in the strictest of confidences and Immersive is cleared to work at all major studios. Please contact Immersive to discuss how we may assist you in producing a virtual tour production of your next shoot no matter where it might be in the world.

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